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More Success Stories- Anderson Woods

"I've never done anything like this before!"  That's a typical exclamation from first time campers at Anderson Woods, camp for the disabled.

"Do potatoes really come out of the ground?  You mean I can just dig them and take them to the cooks and they'll fix them for my dinner?"

"What did you say we were going to do with these blackberries I just picked?  You're going to show me how to make jam and I can have some for breakfast?  Wow!"

"I just caught three fish and cook told me she'd cook them for dinner.  Do you think there'll be enough?  I want everyone to have some."  And his campmates did have some before Steve would take a single bite.

These are just a few of the experiences that your United Way dollars make possible for adults and children who probably would have little to no chance of experiencing the out-of-doors due to their disabilities.  

Not only does Anderson Woods give disabled campers a chance to experience new adventures outdoors, the staff give the campers confidence and hope in their Abilities without focusing on their disabilities. Anderson Woods is a special place for very special people who make our lives richer.

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