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Notes of Thanks

Here are few notes from some of our teachers...

"...Some of our students do not have the means to acquire all (or any) of the items on the required school supply list for the start of the year.   ... Some children are embarrassed to come to school with nothing.  This program is such a blessing for those students who cannot afford much."  Mikki Garrett, 1st grade, and Lora Melton, 2nd grade, Cannelton Elementary School

"Stuff the Bus is a wonderful opportunity for our school to supply each student with the tools they need for a successful day.  ...I love to tell the worried students, 'Don't worry, we have everything you need!'  You can see the look of relief on their face.  The money given helps fill in the gaps with supplies we need for projects in the classroom.  I don't know what we would do without the help of Stuff the Bus."  Margie Weatherholt, 3rd Grade, Cannelton Elementary

"The Stuff the Bus donations are always appreciated.  In the middle and towards the end of the school year, many not have the money for pencils, erasers, paper, crayons, to name a few items.  The donations keep giving all year long."  Pam Curtiss, 4th Grade, Cannelton Elementary

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the school supplies our students receive from Stuff the Bus.  It is definitely much needed and used.  Many times our students come without needed supplies and with the help of Stuff the Bus those students do not feel ill prepared."  Joan Goble, Cannelton Elementary


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"Stuff the Bus" Helps Children Prepare for School Success

Success Stories

When "Susie"* received a brightly colored folders and brand new crayons to start school last year, her face lit up “like it was Christmas,” recalled Wendi, a school outreach coordinator at William Tell Elementary. For Wendi, the experience of seeing a child benefit from a collaborative community sponsored school supply drive–"Stuff the Bus"–is unforgettable. According to Wendi, "Susie's" parents spend most of their income on rent, transportation and trying to keep food on the table for their four kids. “There’s not much left over for extras, like new school supplies,” explained Wendi.

Today in America, 14.8 million children live below the poverty line and 46 percent of kindergartners enter school at risk for failure. This results in many children going to school each day without basic supplies like pencils, paper, calculators, crayons and backpacks. Before "Stuff the Bus", teachers had to buy extra supplies out of their own pockets or the money was taken from already strapped school budgets. “Every day our kids come to school without pencils and half come without paper.  Every day we give out pencils and paper and if we don’t, the kids don’t have it,” said Wendi. 

Like United Ways across the country, United Way of Perry County and its community partners engaged the community to deliver a much needed community service to children in public schools.

The United Way of Perry County partners with each of the county schools, the Headstart and Early Headstart programs, and the North Spencer school corporation to carry out the Perry County Stuff the Bus at Wal-Mart in Tell City.  The United Way of Crawford County partners with various schools and Headstart in Crawford County and the Harrison County Community Services organization to carry out Stuff the Bus at the Corydon Wal-Mart each year.

Perry, Spencer, Crawford and Harrison County students are not alone. Because of poverty and other family challenges, many children across our country go to school lacking basic supplies needed to perform well.  By working together with the community, United Way impacts the lives of children and families across the country.  Your United Way contribution, in time or money, is an investment in children, and together we can achieve lasting results.  It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED™.

 *Susie is a composite of many children that Wendi has worked with in her school system.

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